What is softfall?

Softfall is not the rubber stuff that is laid in playgrounds.  Softfall is a generic term which is commonly mistaken for only rubber products.  Softfall is the underlay which can also be placed underneath synthetic grass.

Which rubber is better?

EPDM is the best product.  It only costs on average about 15% more than recycled products but the benefits really out-way the cost.  Because EPDM is a virgin rubber, it is coloured throughout the granule so it doesn’t fade or change colour.

What is wetpour?

Wetpour is the process involved in laying the rubber products.  It is an insitu product which basically means the products are mixed on site and then hand-troweled.  The process is very similar to asphalting or concreting.

How long does impact flooring last?

Impact or indoor sports flooring is a great alternative to timber flooring, in a commercial setting the product will just keep giving.  Once the top layer starts to wear it is as simple as re-topping the existing flooring.  This saves a great deal on cost and time, meaning the client really is getting the best value for their money.  This product is great for all indoor school areas such as assembly areas.  It provides a surface that is user-friendly, no more grazes or cuts.  It also has great acoustic properties which allows other uses of this area.  Placing tables and chairs on top of the product is no problem at all, unlike timber floors where you need to protect the timber, our product you simply just don’t need to.

How thick do we need our softfall?

Softfall depends on the the fall height required depending on the equipment.  There is no point putting down softfall that is thicker than required.  It is simply a waste of money.

But the other company wants to install 60mm thick softfall and you tell us that we only need 40mm.  Who is correct?

We both are correct.  Every company uses slightly different rubber and techniques when installing their softfall.  Each company knows how thick to lay their softfall to achieve the fall height required.

Can wetpour be done in the wet season?

All over the world wetpour gets done everyday under a lot of different weather conditions.  It is as simple as selecting the correct PU (mixing glue) to add to the rubber depending on climatic conditions.  We even have different PUs for summer and winter.

How long will a rubber wetpour surface last?

A well-installed rubber wetpour surface should last about 10-15 years, depending on its use.

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