EPDM – (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber Wet-pour is a manufactured product, as such each granule is solid in colour. This premium product is the most durable rubber wet-pour installation available.  One of the benefits of this surface is, as it wears, the colour remains.  As with any premium product, one has to be careful that cheaper imitations are not used.  We use the highest quality peroxide-cured EPDM available.
One of the great things about selecting EPDM is the colour range.  The colours range from subtle heritage colours to the brightest colours in the rainbow allowing your imagination to run wild while planning for patterns and themes.  Past installations have included frogs, crabs, fish and other sea animals, koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and other native animals, shapes and patterns.  With the colours available the sky is the limit.
CSBR – Pre-Coated Recycled Rubber Wet-pour consists of recycled rubber shred or granules.  During manufacturing each piece of rubber is individually coated with coloured oxide and dried.  This application is mixed with polyurethane on site.  Popular colour choices are Terracotta, Light Green, Dark Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Brown and Earth Yellow.  Although wearing and fading of the surface colour may eventually occur, the coating of the individual granules slows the process.  At any stage this surface can be refreshed by applying our Rubberised Paint
Shred – Recycled Rubber Wet-pour is the least expensive option in rubber wet-pour applications.  Environmentally friendly, it consists of recycled rubber shred or granules derived from used car tyres that are specially treated.  The rubber shred is mixed on site with polyurethane and a coloured oxide.  Limited colours are available.  Popular colour choices are Terracotta, Green and Sky Blue.  Other colours available are Grey, Chocolate Brown, Cherry and Marigold Yellow.  Patterns and designs are achievable with this product.  This rubber surface has a tendency for the colour to wear or fade over time.  Our company increases the life of your colour by adding generous amounts of quality oxide to ensure a reasonable, cost-effective life span.
We highly recommend the EPDM, as this is the best rubber on the market and is worth the extra cost.

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